Gronovo’s Corner: The Inevitable Landslide Of Aunt Becky

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I was walking through the city a few days ago, catching up on podcasts, as I usually do. I was listening to SL Radio and heard about J-Mac’s experience with public transportation. What a debacle.

As someone who deals with strange things happening on public transportation, frequently, I know how he feels. I mean, I saw that someone brought a damn steel beam on the NYC subway this week.

The NCAA tournament is almost here and I can’t wait. I love college hoops more than just about anything, sports wise. There is an inherent honesty to college basketball. These kids are busting their tails, knowing that very few will go on to an NBA career. You don’t find that sort of integrity in sports today.

How about the whole Aunt Becky story? We all grew up watching Full House. We learned our life lessons about being kind to one another, doing the right things and winding up with parental hugs at the end.

While we all knew that Bob Saget was doing rail after rail of coke in his dressing room, I don’t think that anybody thought that Aunt Becky was pulling off a smoke and mirrors operation to get her train wreck daughter in to USC.

I love the videos that are surfacing of the daughter saying that she was only going to USC for the partying and Game Day. She’s really just acting like any other misshapen 18 year old with ton of money. Sure, it works out for her now. But pretty soon she’ll be radically counting beads that she’s collected, while brushing the hair of an enormous cellmate named Wanda, who is poking her with a toilet brush.

Aunt Becky always seemed like good people. It’s a shame that she tried to get her kid’s life on track, just like any other parent with those type of means would do. Maybe a little less fraud, but, you know how it goes…

I’m going to the Islanders game on Sunday afternoon. They’re much better than anyone anticipated, especially after John Tavares left town like a thief in the night. You know, it never gets easier being a New York sports fan. If your team isn’t making a stupid move like signing Le’Veon Bell, they are mortgaging their entire futures for one player who certainly won’t put them over the top.

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