Carlos Santana Was NOT Happy With The Young Guys In Philly Playing Fortnite

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Carlos Santana, who is now on his second stint with the Indians, has still been working on how he will fit in with the club. Santana is the former slugging first baseman for the Indians, even though he may be playing in the outfield this season.

After the 2017 season, Carlos Santana signed a 3 year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. He has since been traded twice, but has wound back in Cleveland, where he first started. Santana had lots to say about the Phillies organization but he did bring up one particular item that I found very interesting.

According to Jeff Passan:

Apparently, Santana was very upset by the amount of Fortnite being played by the younger players during the 2018 season. He felt that they were not taking the game seriously and did not have their heads in the game at all times.

Given all of the steps that Philly took forward last season, it did seem like they were never able to take the full step that they needed. The Phillies certainly did not expect the Braves to go whooshing by them in the standings.

This is an issue that we’re dealing with in all sports. With the social media generation, it is so much easier for guys to feel like they are on an island, with the continual criticisms and rapid responses shooting their way at every turn. It seems that guys in baseball have leaned in to playing Fortnite in order to blow off some steam, but also not be criticized.

Carlos Santana is 32 years old and has been around the game for quite some time. He has a little bit of that old baseball soul, which probably didn’t help his frustration. And to be honest, he’s not completely wrong here.

I was really irritated last season when it came out that David Price was struggling because he was playing too much Fortnite. Specifically, Price was dealing with hand issues due to the amount that he was playing. He clearly got it under control and worked it out, but that didn’t stop him from drawing all kinds of criticisms for it.

The Phillies are in a unique spot, having completely overhauled their roster with the likes of Bryce Harper and J.T. Realmuto. These young guys have got to be ready to work this season. Its going to largely fall on Gabe Kapler this year to make sure that the clubhouse stays in order.

An organization, especially one as baseball centric as the Phillies, do not want things like this getting out there. The fact that former players are speaking ill of the clubhouse atmosphere is never positive and something that teams like to avoid like the plague.

Grab your peanuts and Cracker Jacks, folks. Baseball is here!

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