Ben Baseball Has Some Explaining To Do

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A few nights ago, I was working on some different items for The Outfielder Podcast, as the season is getting under way.

The Great Sambino will be in town next week, so there is sure to be a ton of electric content on its way.

I created a new graphic to advertise our newest episode and went to put it on Instagram. I glanced at the notifications on our Outfielder Instagram page, when I noticed something upsetting:

Ben Baseball has been a blogger and podcast host at SLM since day ONE. Ben and I were the first two hosts of The Outfielder Podcast, a show in which we started from scratch.

The Great Sambino joined the show a few months later, but Ben Baseball and I did every bit of the grassroots campaigning and advertising that helped make our show successful.

So, imagine my surprise when I found out that Ben Baseball didn’t follow OUR show’s Instagram page for almost a YEAR! And, while this may not seem very important, just imagine starting an Instagram account and not having the luxury of bombarding your friends with follow requests. A business page, such as the one that we have for the Outfielder Podcast, needs every follower that it can get, especially when first starting out.

It took Ben Baseball a year to support our show on social media.

I, for one, question his commitment and love to baseball. I mean he’s named after the sport, for god sakes. Yet I have to raise question, which feels like an issue.

Ben Baseball, I await your response.