J-Mac should learn to stay in his own lane

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A response blog by Ben Baseball

Now hear this: Friday afternoon I get a notification on my phone of a digital assault on my character. No, not even my character; my digital persona.
To quote my father-in-law, “that dog don’t hunt.”

I was alerted to a take-down blog by Justin about how I failed to follow the outfielder (@outfielderpod) on instagram by my main profile (@bengoner).

I guess JMacFounderNumeroUno is still living in the days of myspace where we get onto each other for not being on someone’s “top 8 friends” list.

I wonder how angry he will be if I don’t invite him to my birthday party.

Hold the drama, dude. If you wanna take me down, do it on the fantasy baseball field. I personally feel that whenever I remember to follow an instagram page I help run is irrelevant.

Need a margarita for all that salt you got, bro?

Ben Baseball

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