Gronovo’s Corner: A Sabbatical of None

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My apologies for being away from the pen for a little while. I have been in California, working with the good folks at UCLA to find out exactly what happened to the Big Baller brand.

I don’t really understand Los Angeles, though. Where is the constant smog? Where is the gloomy, unpredictable weather? How does one survive without taxi drivers screaming and cursing at every turn?

I prefer New York, any day of the week, over the weird, fickle uneasiness of LA. Los Angeles is predictable. Predictable stinks. New York provides an air of calm. You’re equally as likely to smell fresh pancakes on the griddle as you are trash rotting in an alley next to a pile of rats, who have eyes like a meth head on payday. It is annoying, but consistent.

Speaking of that, I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday and ran across a tweet that really had me tickled. J-Mac had retweeted it, captioning it as “Tweet of the Week”, and you know what? He’s definitely not wrong here:

Nothing says “Get me the hell outta here” more than this tweet. The Suns are a horrible organization, and they truly cannot get out of their own way. Booker has struggled at times this year, but he has had flashes of brilliance. Its too bad that the Suns are just going to screw it up. He needs a guard next to him, since he is a true 2-guard, but Phoenix seems blind to this obvious issue.

I will agree with Booker, though, that it is pretty crazy that he is on a team with Jamal Crawford and Jimmer Fredette. (If you don’t know about Jimmer’s horrific blunder with the Kings, read more here) That is what is confusing about what the Kings are doing. They say that their young guys need more playing time, and then sign guys like Crawford or Fredette. It is a lack of organizational control, which makes them an absolute laughing stock in the league.

The Lakers missing the playoffs is quite amusing. Is there a more fitting way to end the shit stain of a season this team had? I love that GMs are coming out saying that they wouldn’t trade more than a 2nd for Lebron. The very notion of that makes me chuckle to my core.

I don’t think that I recall an offseason that is so vital to the future success of a team as the Lakers have coming up. It will be great to watch big name free agents say “naw…I’m good. Thanks though”. I bet Lakers fans miss the Black Mamba. You know that Kobe must be loving all of this, because, for once, the circus doesn’t revolve around him.

Baseball is starting in a couple of days. The guys over at the baseball show seem pretty damn excited. Those three are truly of a different breed. They know the game better than just about anyone, though.

Being a Mets fan is a tough task. Look at this Jacob deGrom thing. By all intents and purposes, I should be jumping off the walls at a 5-year, $135 million deal for the guy. Yet, somehow, I get the feeling that it’ll be a disaster, as usual. Look at Cespedes. Who has surgery on BOTH heels? That will be tough for a guy who relies on his speed to get him by in a lot of different situations.

There is no doubt that you’ll find me at Citi Field with a beer and a hot dog, in no time. Hopefully I can stay out of California for the long haul. It would be a real bitch not to have sewer drain water splashed in my face as I walk through the city every morning.

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