The Gym: Heaven or Hell? Edition 1

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For anyone that’s spent time at a gym, we all have those moments where other guests creep us out. There is no shortage of people breaking gym etiquette and we will bring them all the light at SLM.

Before we get into what’s going wrong inside the gym, let’s look at what happens outside.

You may be a morning, lunch, or post work workout warrior but whenever you go, you’re certainly in a rush.

For me, I go at 5 A.M.  I am frantically rushing to get in and out of the parking lot just about every morning. When I pull in, I grab the first spot I see and move on.

The worst type of people are the ones circling through the first row… to the second… then to the third.

You’re going to the gym! Why are you worried about walking an extra 20 feet? You are doing nothing but causing unnecessary traffic in the parking lot. 

As I’m walking in the front door, these people are circling back and forth. They play this cat and mouse game on whether I walk or you drive, and it’s beyond ridiculous.

But it gets worse….

These people are an even bigger pain in the ass when you’re trying to leave.

Its inevitable that every time I’m backing out of a space, a spot hunter comes flying around the corner! Then, to make matters worse, someone will stop, mid reversal, halt everything because they forgot their headphones inside and box me in. It. Never. Fails. 

Instead of the spot hunter moving on and finding literally any other spot, I have to wait for lost headphone guy to return, finish backing out and leaving.

This may seem minor, but considering how many people break gym etiquette, this is just a cherry topper.

Next week, we will shift inside, as gym chronicles continues.

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