Baseball is Officially Back!

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Since we are officially past Opening Weekend, and all teams have played a few games, it feels like as good of time as any to announce that baseball is officially BACK!

It was a fun filled weekend of games for many teams around the league, and surprising for other teams that had slightly higher expectations. I strongly doubt that anybody saw the Yankees and Red Sox, both, walking away with 1 win over the weekend.

But that’s the best part of baseball: it doesn’t matter. There are 158 more games to go. There will be times of struggle and times of triumph. There will be times when teams can’t hit, or can’t pitch. There will be times when luck just doesn’t break the right way.

April and May are such a fun time for baseball because teams really are just trying to get in to the swing of things. Every team, for the most part, still has the desire and wherewithal to be competitive.

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. Whether you like baseball or not, it’s still an exciting time of the year. We’ve been locked up by the cold winter weather for too long. It’s time to go out, hit some golf balls, watch some baseball and enjoy a nice cool one!

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