Gronovo’s Corner: Save the Komodos!!!

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This morning, as I was scrolling through the news, something caught my eye that is incredibly note worthy.

Apparently, Komodo Island, the only home of the legendary (and protected) species of lizard called the Komodo Dragon, will be shut down to tourists for a year, to help save the treasured Komodo from becoming extinct.

So people are stealing Komodos? What the hell, people? What are these people doing with the Komodos?

You can’t really blame them, though. Look at that guy above. He looks like J-Mac after doing amphetamines at a truck stop, for 70 hours and then trying to watch the Red Sox close out a game in 2019. He knows that winning is futile, but refuses to give up.

Speaking of, did you guys hear about the whole Kristaps Porzingis situation? That is quite the pickle to talk about, write about and just generally decipher.

It sure feels like the Knicks could have provided more information to the Mavericks about the situation, but that would be assuming that the Knicks know how to function as an organization, within a society.

The Knicks are like the popular kids in high school: they appear to be the real deal, playing football or being captain of the cheerleading squad. Then you find out that they were actually first chair clarinet in the band, and somehow, they end up sitting in the lunch room with an A Capella group named the Penny Loafers.

The regular season is just about out of its misery so that we Knicks fans can finally enjoy watching playoff basketball without James Dolan being in our faces.

I have to admit that the Clippers are mighty impressive. Doc Rivers has done a fine job coaching up a team of young guys, which is not typically what he is known to do in these types of situations.

Will they make it all the way? Surely, not. But they may make it further than people will be willing to give them credit for, as of now.

There are several teams that I, straight up, don’t believe in, such as the 76ers. Now, granted, I’m from New York and the city of Philadelphia is a natural born enemy of mine. But I just don’t see it, with the way they are currently constructed. Something just feels off.

No matter what happens during the playoffs, I still say that it’ll be Warriors in 6 games. It’s pretty damn hard to ignore.

I will be moving this weekend, and I am NOT looking forward to it. I’m only moving to a place down the street but that is nearly impossible in New York City.

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