Gym Chronicles: Edition 2- The Gym Bag

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Welcome back to our series of Gym Chronicles! In Edition 1, we explored in the challenges in the parking lot. Now that we are inside, we have bigger hurdles to conquer.

We all have a routine to some extent. Whether you’re going in for cardio, free weights, or machines, you have a general flow that can only be ruined by 1 thing… the gym bag.

There are many types of people that you will come across during your workout. First, we have the drawstring. Usually this has the essentials of towel, drink, headphones. Very normal bag.

Next, we have the PINK Victoria’s Secret bags. Women love rocking these and probably got them from buying $500 worth of product.

Lastly, the oversized bag that most would consider a hockey bag. We all know the type who carry these as well; the gym rats who spend 4 hours at the gym and socialize for most of it.

These folks love setting their bag down at a squat rack or bench press, but not actually use the space. They prefer to walk around and say “what up bruh?” to all of their gym friends and to do the occasional crunch.

People always take over spots in the gym, just to not use the area. That’s what you deal with at rush hour in most gyms. I’m fine with this if you’re using the space but I still question what is in the bag?!

What can’t you live without while you’re there? How many weight belts could you possibly need?! Why are there so many protein powders in there?!

Can these folks at least push their bags out of the way so it’s not in middle of everything?

I may sound like an old man here and that’s fine. Call me a lunatic, I don’t really care. But let’s all try to be respectful while at the gym and not sprawl out all over the place, as if we own it.

Feel free to comment below on what grinds your gears at the gym so we can break it down.