The Worst Gift Idea Ever

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Charmin made headlines this past holiday season when they revealed their “Forever Roll.” This is a roll of toilet paper that can be used for up to a month!

Look at that ad! They’re selling the fact that you can go up to a month without changing the roll… umm…was this really an issue? Do people really get frustrated about the 2 seconds it takes to change rolls?

I don’t see how this solves anyone’s problem. Let’s not forget many retail bathrooms and restaurants already have these larger sized rolls. It’s not as if Charmin came out with a new idea here.

There is always the possibility that this was a PR stunt. I can’t imagine anyone truly thought that this was a good idea.

If this was the idea they went with, I can’t imagine what ideas they passed on. We need Charmin product idea meetings to be webcasted so we can hear their other brilliant ideas.

If for some reason you have a party to go to this weekend and need a gift, look no further then Charmin Forever Roll.

^^I can’t even type this with a straight face.