Gronovo’s Corner: Trash Race

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As I was glancing through headlines this morning, one in particular caught my eye:

Apparently, a Canadian company sent all kinds of trash labeled as “recyclable” to the Philippines SIX YEARS AGO, and they’re still arguing about who should dispose of the trash. Canada says that the Philippines should do something with it, the Philippines feel otherwise, which, I can’t really say that I blame them.

Canada dumping their trash on smaller countries is the equivalent of poking a bee hive repeatedly, then picking it up, and hurling it over your neighbors fence so that they have to deal with it. Only, the slighted neighbor waited 6 years and is about to dump a bunch of shrimp in to your air conditioning unit, along with the trash. Good luck, come summer.

Speaking of pissed off Canadians: how about the Maple Leafs getting run out of Boston Garden by the Bruins? As much as I hate to give Boston any sort of credit, they proved to be the more experienced team for the moment.

(The last thing that we all need, here at SLM, is for J-Mac to mark a three peat championship year to his belt, though. We must keep this from happening, by any means necessary. Please feel free to email me with any ideas on how to curtail this.)

When it comes to unstoppable forces, is there anything funnier than the Lakers accidentally copying Magic on emails that he wasn’t meant to see? According to USA Today, emails were exchanged between team ownership and Lakers GM, Rob Pelinka about Magic’s poor performance as President of Basketball Operations. And, for whatever reason, Magic was often copied or blind copied on all of these emails.

I’d bet the exchanges played out something like the following:

Pelinka to Jeanie Buss: “I really don’t know if Magic is holding up his end of the bargain. Yesterday, I caught him chasing a butterfly in his office”

Jeanie Buss to Pelinka: “hmm that doesn’t sound very basketball of him”

Pelinka to Jeanie Buss: “he isn’t colluding with other teams in order to bring every NBA star to the Lakers…why do we even have him?”

Jeanie Buss to Pelinka: “we do need stars. Can we find any from the movies?”

Pelinka to Jeanie Buss: “no, this is basketball”

Jeanie Buss to Pelinka: “damn. Thought we were on to something there. Magic must not be doing anything. Let’s keep him, and give him a raise”

Would it surprise you, in any way, to find out that the Lakers have treated something like this with such buffoonery? And then to turn around and let it leak to the press? This sounds more and more like the dysfunctional Lakers with every passing minute.

There will be plenty of time to talk NBA free agency this summer, but the guys on the basketball show keep saying that the Lakers biggest free agent signing this summer will be Jimmy Butler. I really do hope that is true, because there will be a meltdown of the highest order in Los Angeles, while the Clippers cruise by and destroy teams one after another.

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