Gronovo’s Corner: The Islanders Are Embarrassing

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I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few days trying to figure out exactly what to say about the Islanders shameful performance in the NHL Playoffs this year.

After losing their star player in John Tavares last season to the Maple Leafs, the Islanders cobbled guys together to fill the holes. And, in typical Islander fashion, it actually worked! I read article after article about how much of a joke the Islanders will be, especially without Tavares. I mean it was EVERYWHERE! So to have the regular season success that they had was unprecedented.

They got to the playoffs by sweeping the Penguins, a feat all on its own, given how successful Pittsburgh has been in the past few years and the Islanders, well….haven’t. Right after that, the Islanders were swept by the Carolina Hurricane. The fact that they scored 4 goals in an entire series is just a joke.

The most annoying part about the whole thing was the fact that we lost home ice advantage come round 2 of the playoffs, when the series ended up being at the dumb-as-ass Barclays Center. That place is the absolute worst for viewing hockey.

If the Islanders get on a 5-3 Power Play, the Coli is absolutely rocking, no questions about it. At the Barclays Center? Fan noise is completely drowned out by the tall ceilings and poor acoustics.

The Barclays Center was designed for a basketball court, and has never had any business hosting hockey, at all. But, of course, the perpetual head bashing that are the Islanders signed an “ironclad” lease to play there, before moving back to the Island where they should have been all along.

(Explanation as to why here)

Being a New York sports fan stinks out loud, as J-Mac would so eloquently put it. But I’m from New York and I’m not going to bail on these teams now. Why even bother? If I bail on them and become, say, a Dolphins fan, the Jets will catch fire and somehow win a Super Bowl. Its just how it goes.

I stick with these teams because doing anything else would make me a sell out, and I will not be a man who betrays his principles.

Speaking of a man who does not break from his principles, how about this guy?:

A Pennsylvania man lost his cool over how a store clerk was bagging his groceries, choking the cashier for putting potato chips and canned goods in the same bag, police said.
According to Fairview Township Police, Bradley Bower was shopping with his wife at a Giant Food Store on Feb. 2 when he allegedly attacked the cashier for the way the clerk was handling his groceries.
Police noted in a criminal complaint that Bower explained to officers he had asked the clerk not to “throw his groceries around.” The man said he had several bags of chips and “didn’t want them to get all smashed up.”

Can you really blame the guy, though? I don’t want my chips getting crushed by a bunch of soup cans either. I’m not sure if its a solid reason to go ballistic and tackle the guy behind the counter, but I do share some of his life frustrations.

It just took this one thing to throw him over the edge, and let me tell you: after that Islanders series, I was a stones throw away from being sent over the edge, myself.