Everyone Thinks KD Is Going To The Knicks. Why?

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Over the past few months, there has been a ton of talk about the impending free agency of Kevin Durant this summer.

Durant is almost certainly going to leave the Warriors this summer, as that team will always belong to Steph Curry, despite the fact that Durant had a fantastic season, and a monstrous playoff run, so far.

Let’s get one thing straight: Kevin Durant is a winner. We may be looking at a top 10 player of all time, and the only reason that we aren’t claiming that right now is that he’s still in the middle of his prime.

So when I hear chatter about Durant leaving Golden State to go to the New York Knicks, I immediately begin shaking my head. This is a narrative that has not quit since October.

The oddsmakers in Vegas even have KD to the Knicks at 8/1, because they are so sure that it’s going to happen. And, perhaps my favorite part of this pipe dream is that the general consensus is that Kyrie Irving will sign with the Knicks in the offseason, as well.

My question is very simple: what have the Knicks ever done to show that they are capable of pulling something like this off?

This is a team that won 29 games last year. Over the last 10 years, the Knicks have amassed a 324-480 record. That includes a short season (2012), and one singular season with 53 wins. Everything else has been hot garbage, rarely ever getting above 30 wins.

The Knicks have cycled through coaches like Mike Woodson, Mike D’Antoni, Derek Fisher, and Jeff Hornacek consistently over the years. The Knicks have made painfully bad decisions with its executive leadership as well, most notably the Chronicles of Phil Jackson.

Let’s pretend for a second that the Knicks have finally figured out all of their bullshit, and somehow maneuver a meeting with Kevin Durant in free agency this summer. The team can tell KD everything that he wants to hear from a team that is trying to make him a cornerstone of their franchise. But as soon as James Dolan walks in to the room with his kazoo, all bets are off the table.


The whole point is that the Knicks NEVER make competent decisions. They’ve royally screwed themselves time and time again, and I have an exceptionally hard time understanding why all of a sudden people think that the Knicks are going to hit, not just one home run, by 2 in succession.

We go through this every single summer, in some way shape or form. A player becomes half way slighted by a team and all of a sudden journalists create a narrative such as this one, and work incredibly hard to speak it in to existence.

We saw the exact same thing happen last summer with Paul George. Throughout the entire season I read that Paul George was going to the Lakers. Done deal. Signed with invisible ink, until real ink can be put to paper. And did PG13 sign with the Lakers? No. Did he meet with the Lakers? No. He stayed put, with hopes that OKC had a chance to compete.

Right now, I’m driving a stake through the heart of this stupid rumor: Kevin Durant isn’t going to the Knicks. And blindly repeating it because that’s what the four letter network is saying is a sure fire way to look dumb.