Bumgarner’s No Trade List Is Ridiculous

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As we progress through the MLB season, you will start to see names swirl  as trade candidates of teams who decide to throw in the towel on 2019.

Madison Bumgarner is at the top of that list. The 3-time World Champion and 4-time All Star submitted his list of 8 teams he would veto if the Giants decided to move on. That list includes the Braves, the Red Sox, the Cubs, the Astros, the Brewers, the Yankees, the Phillies, and the Cardinals.

Typically players will include less desirable or struggling franchises for obvious reasons. This list, however, is full of teams that any ball player would prefer to be traded to, due to the fact that several of those clubs are proven winners. 

I don’t want to say that Bumgarner has no desire to win anymore, but it feels hard to make that case when the alternative is….well….the Reds?

Maybe he loves San Francisco so much that he put down 8 teams he knew would be in contention in hopes of staying?

Bumgarner is only 29 and entering free agency this fall. He is certainly due for a raise from his current $12 million salary.

My sleeper team to trade for Bumgarner is the Padres. They have plenty of prospects and allows him to stay in Cali.

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