An unfortunate ad and the death of Doris Day

Ben Baseball takes issue with an unfortunate advertisement and the death of an icon.

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Earlier this week, one of the last surviving members of Hollywood’s golden age took her final curtain. Doris Day passed away on Monday at the age of 97. Now, most 31 year olds do not have the faintest idea who Doris Day was, and that is fine. For context, however, the best way to describe her would be a combination of the Taylor Swift of the 1940s and the Scarlett’s Johansson of the 1950s and 1960s. That is the level of celebrity we are talking about. She represented the “woman I want to come home to” for hundreds of thousands of GIs as they went overseas to win the Second World War. She had massive hits with “Sentimental Journey” “Dream a Little Dream” and “Que Sera Sera.” Then she went on to star alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

This in and of itself is blog worthy, but that wasn’t what caught this blogger’s attention.
This afternoon, there was an ad featured:

How she lives will make me sad?
Trick question, robots. She doesn’t.

Now, I get that this is clickbait, 100%. But come on.
I except more from sarcastic news headline websites.

-Ben Baseball

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