Top 10 Mondays: Top 10 Cartoons of All Time

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Top 10 Cartoon Comedies

Regardless of when, where and how you were raised, everyone has had some sort of relationship with cartoons. Do I have more of a love for cartoons than a 28 year old person should? Possibly, but that does not take away from the fact some of the most intelligent comedy written is found amidst these childish illustrations. The beauty with a cartoon is it gives you a little bit of a free pass and will allow the writers to really attack subjects more than a sitcom or drama ever would. I have crafted a list of primarily adult cartoon comedies and I am excited to see what everyone thinks:

10) The Boondocks: Even though they only put out 55 episodes, over a 9 year span, this show was able to provide social commentary with a sarcastic and stereotypical spin. This was not always done in the most delicate way and therefore has remained a bit more underground than the rest of this list. If this show were released in 2019 it would be controversial to say the least and perceived differently.

Favorite Character: Huey Freeman

9) SpongeBob SquarePants: Every other title on here is what would be considered an “adult comedy”, but as all of these others do, SpongeBob lowkey works in some great humor. Not to mention it had an all-time run for any Nickelodeon or Disney cartoon producing 12 seasons. More one-liners and memes have come from SpongeBob than almost any show on this list and easily one of the 5 most recognized cartoons since 2000.

Favorite Character: Squidward

8) American Dad!: Another overlooked diamond in the rough that never really took off as much I thought it deserved too. It certainly is regarded as Seth Macfarlane’s #2 project in this space, however, I have found in time it is often more genius than Family Guy. The characters are not as distinct as some of these other shows and it is as political as any, but in an even more light-hearted manner than most. This show is like the athlete that wasn’t a bust, but never fully blossomed to his max potential.

Favorite Character: Roger

7) King of the Hill: Who needs some propane? Maybe I have some bias here since I am a native Texan, but this show is nothing short of sophisticated ignorance. Every detail captures the essence of Texas small town so well. Hank Hill is a strong top 3 candidate for best character on any of these shows.

Favorite Character: Hank Hill

6) Futurama: I always love the idea of forward looking shows as to what society will become and thus think Futurama is arguably the best concept for any adult cartoon. The way Matt Groening, David Cohen, Mike Rowe and company are able to have all of these characters brought together under such dire circumstances is incredibly well done.

Favorite Character: Bender

5) Family Guy: One of the 3 or 4 most recognizable shows on this list. Family Guy was a powerhouse for over a decade; creating some of the most memorable characters of any t.v. show ever, not just cartoon. The sheer number of characters, their ability to accurately replicate celebrities and everyday situations is what makes this show so special compared to its peers.

Favorite Character: Joe Swanson

4) Archer: Another sleeper on my list that was under the radar to some since it was released on FX/FXX. It is difficult for any writer to have a balance of wit and slapstick, but one must have a truly dry sense of humor combined with a crude sense of humor to fully enjoy Archer. Most episodes are able to create great adventure style moments that many cartoons struggle with when trying to have an overall comedic mood. Do yourself a favor and start this show from the beginning if you have not seen it.

Favorite Character: Malory Archer (Archer’s Mom)

3) The Simpsons: The most well-known comedy outside of all the Looney Tunes and other classics. The most well-known to every 90’s baby and beyond hands down. Somehow still going strong with 30 seasons about to be in the books. No other show has, or ever will, accurately predict as many pop culture events as the Simpsons have. Although it is not the GOAT in my opinion I have no problem with that take. This show can appeal to the largest age range of anyone on this list which is saying a lot.

Favorite Character: Flanders

2) South Park: The show that all of our mom’s hated us watching when we were in elementary school. Hands down this show has the funniest moments and funniest episodes of any cartoon ever. The ability of Trey Parker and Matt Stone to continuously make relevant episodes to what is going on in our culture is magical. If you are a true fan of this show you remember the first time you saw all your favorite episodes and thought to yourself “that’s exactly what it’s like”… that is damn hard to do!

Favorite Character: Cartman

1) Rick and Morty: I am boldly claiming this as number one with a lot of that resting on the fact I’m buying the upside. I believe this show can produce 8 to 10 of the most incredible seasons of all-time and is well on its way, closing a deal last year for 70 more episodes. For all the ladies I definitely understand this may not be your cup of tea, but I am not one to discriminate and encourage anyone, male or female, to make this a must watch in your free time. The relationship between Rick and Morty is brilliant. As you can tell from my list of favorite characters I love a good cynic and Rick is just that. His outlandish statements during the shit they get themselves into have made me laugh out loud dozens of times when it’s just me in my living room at 2 a.m. This is another Adult Swim gem that may go down as the Michael Jordan of adult cartoons.

Favorite Character: Rick Sanchez

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