The Tampa Bay Rays Have A Real Problem

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The Tampa Bay Rays have had a hot start to the season. As of this writing the team is sporting a 33-19 record, good for second place in their division, and the current leader for a Wild Card spot.

Their pitching has been decent, due in large part to the effective use of an “opening” pitcher, which this team embraced last season. The offense has been clicking, as well, and things have seemily been looking up for the good ol Devil Rays.

That is until last night:

Hmm…its an indoor ballpark but maybe it was hot outside….maybe it was raining and fans didn’t want to fight the weather?

Forecast in St Petersburg, FL

Part of me can’t blame people for not wanting to go to the Trop. Talk about a shitty baseball venue. But this is a really good baseball team. And people just don’t care.

The most criminal part of this is that there are cities like Montreal who absolutely deserve an MLB team that do not have one, and these clowns can’t draw 6,000 people.

This is a continuous issue for Major League Baseball. And this is an issue that isn’t going away any time soon.