Book Review: The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

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Sometime in 2018 I saw a video suggested on facebook where noted actress and activist Emma Watson (of Harry Potter fame) sat down and interviewed a woman named Rupi Kaur. This was my first exposure to Rupi Kaur, but it turns out she is an author of poetry. In fact, her first book “A Taste of Milk and Honey” was all I needed to get through the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. A quick read later, and I was hooked.
I recently spotted a co-worker reading Kaur’s second book, “The Sun and Her Flowers.” When I mentioned I was hoping to read that one some day, the copy was on my desk the next morning.
The book is structured in 5 parts, each of which has roughly 30-40 poems and doodles within each chapter. Her subject matter sweeps anywhere from love, loss, assault, family, growth, race, and femininity. While you would thing that this avant-garde approach to writing would create chaos amongst the pages, you would be mistaken. Each poem appears to be selected to fit the chapter’s narrative, and nothing seems out of place.
The real mark that her poetry left on me is how simple it seemed. This is in no way a slight. Her writing style seems effortless and makes you want to pick up a pen and try and expose your feelings and vulnerabilities. However, the thoughts and emotions she is conveying carry the weight of a woman well beyond her years. It takes a very disciplined level of talent to achieve what she is able to create.
Overall, I highly recommend this book. Go check out a copy today.