Avocado Thief On The Run!

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Over the past several months, I have refrained from blogging while taking on a massive project of revamping some of our podcasts. I am pleased to report that it is making a difference in listenership and our hope is to provide you, the listener/reader, better content, more often.

That being the case, I haven’t written a blog since May 25th. That’s 49 days and 28 podcast episodes worth of no blogs. I was intending on holding to that through August, until I was browsing on an app that has a sub-community for my neighborhood and saw the following:

I mean, there’s just no way around it: I live in a community of ardent criminals. We’re talking about people who have so few scruples about rolling up and yanking avocado plants right out of the yards of complete strangers, without thinking twice about who it could impact.

These thieves were smart, though. It appears as if the masterminds made off with not only the avocados themselves, but the ability to grow MORE avocados in the future. Pure genius.

Imagine the scene and hysteria when these people realized that the avocados were gone.

I can understand why they were upset, though. Nobody likes their things being stolen. But I do enjoy that this person’s first inclination was to pull up the Nextdoor app and post about it. (No free ads. Look in to this app, though)

Be on the lookout, people. You won’t be able to say that I didn’t warn you. The beast walks among us all.