Sensibly Loud Is Headed to Denver TOMORROW!

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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Since I started this company in 2016, we have discussed expanding content, and creating a richer, more fun experience for our readers and listeners. That is the goal, day in and day out. There is no finite ending or magical time where we will know that we are done. The goal is always simple: just be better.

We’ve been teasing it for months now, and tomorrow is finally the day that the hosts of The Outfielder Podcast and Sensibly Loud Radio take Denver by storm!!

We will be in Denver from Thursday (8/1) through Sunday (8/4) and will be attending the Rockies/Giants game at Coors Field on Saturday evening!

Our main ask of the readers/listeners is to follow us on all social media channels and share with your friends! We’re going to be doing lots of live content throughout the weekend!

Also, we would love to hear from folks out in Denver so don’t hesitate to reach out!

One day, we will look at this as a turning point for SLM. Today, it is looked at as a trip full of bozos.

More to come.