Best Way to Start Off A Company Trip: Miss Your Flight

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As many of you know by now, we at SLM are headed to Denver for the next 4 days for content. We will be recording nonstop content for The Outfielder Podcast and Sensibly Loud Radio, with everyone together, which rarely happens. 

B-Eazy and I, as leaders of the company, decided to take the early flight out of Dallas to be sure that we landed in plenty of time to meet The Great Sambino and other special gusts. B-Eazy and I booked the 6:00am departure flight out of Dallas, simply because we could get on the plane, go to sleep and wake up in Denver at 6:55am. Pretty straight forward, right?


The boarding time on the ticket said 5:30am, which, admittedly, we were behind, due to longer than usual lines. But we were behind, nonetheless.

Brandon and I arrived at the airport around the same time, checked all of the production equipment, and got in line for security. The security line was a little longer than normal, but having traveled as much as I do, I knew how to get through the security checkpoint quickly. 

Or so I thought….

When I got to security, I removed my shoes, took my laptop out of my bag, etc. What I did not account for was the jambox that I brought to ensure that we all have music while we are creating content in the house. 

Since I did not take the jambox out of my bag, security decided to pull my entire bag apart. Brandon went on through so I told him to go ahead of me and grab some coffee, even though we were boarding already.

Once I finally got my bag put back together, I receive a text from Brandon, stating that he is skipping the coffee. That made sense to me but I swung by a little shop and picked up a bottle of water. (It’s early. Cut me a break)

Since Brandon didn’t stop for coffee (or water, in this case), he made it on to the plane just fine. 

And me? Well, I think that you can imagine where this is headed. I missed the damn plane by being a maximum of 3 minutes behind Brandon. 

So Brandon is headed to Colorado…

Meanwhile, I’m headed to Houston and then Denver! So my trip looks more like the following:


I don’t blame the good folks at TSA for doing their jobs. Heaven knows that its hard enough of a job, without jerks like me not pointing the finger at them. Perhaps I should blame the jambox?

It does feel like some kind of injustice, and I’m sure that I will spend ample time trying to figure out who to blame here, because I clearly don’t want it to be me.

If Brandon and I would have both missed the flight, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. But the fact that Brandon somehow made it on to the plane and I didn’t makes this all the much worse.

I’ve been needing something to stoke my fire lately. I’m happy to report that this definitely did the trick.

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