This airport is a lawless mess

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By Ben Baseball

I have tried to be much more observational about my surroundings, especially after JMacFounder’s airport debacle this week. Therefor, as I walked through Dallas/Love Field airport this week I couldn’t help but notice a few pet peeves I guess I now have.

Why is there a Doberman on this flight?

I am all about the emotional support animal, and heaven knows I need one. However, if my service dog looks like it is ready to rip the face off of C3, we may have a problem. What if someone else’s anxiety dog is causing me anxiety?

Why is this man shaving? Mr Norelco over here has a electric freaking razor while waiting at the terminal. I get it, if you had to get up early to make your flight and you were unable to shave it makes sense. But for everyone’s sanity, go to the dang bathroom.

Why is this father/son duo talking about mock fantasy football drafts? It is August the 2nd. This is getting ridiculous.

This is a Ben Baseball update from Dallas/Love Field.

I need to go back to bed.