Dinner Time Brawl Over Tomatoes Turns Ugly

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SEPTEMBER 23–A Florida Woman who “wanted to eat more than her fair share of tomatoes at the dinner table” is facing criminal charges after allegedly assaulting elderly relatives who thwarted her grubby vegetable gambit, records show.


This article may be one of the most wild things that I’ve read in quite some time. There is insanity at every turn in this story, and I can’t help but chuckle when I saw that it took place in Florida.

This grown adult sat down at the dinner table to have a nice quiet meal with the family. She asked for more tomatoes and absolute mayhem broke out.

Gates’s grandmother told police that the teenager “began to throw a fit because she couldn’t have more tomatoes at the dinner table.” Gates allegedly threw a water bottle at her grandfather and a pack of cigarettes at a 73-year-old female relative (who was struck in the eye by the airborne tobacco). 

When confronted about her behavior by her grandfather, Gates allegedly grabbed a knife and began threatening him with it. “Motherfucker, I’ll stab you in your fucking face,” she said, according to a Nassau 
County Sheriff’s Office report. Gates, witnesses told cops, chased her grandfather with the knife and poked the weapon at his face.

It appears that, when denied more tomatoes, this girl took things in to her own hands. Not even grandpa could talk her down off the ledge.

I almost admire her gusto when it comes to eating more tomatoes, because, after all, they’re great for your health. I do, however, fall off the train somewhere in the area of wielding weapons and throwing cigarettes to make it happen.

This individual doesn’t take any shit from anybody, including her own kin. Aside from the assault charges, you almost have to respect it.

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