Sinister Student Hacks School System Server For Water Gun Fight

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DOWNINGTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — A student prank went too far after personal information belonging to dozens of students was hacked. The data breach was first detected at the Downingtown Area School District last week.

Officials say a student used coding methods to gain access to a student portal called Naviance. The website helps students with their post-high school plans.

“It looks like it was what we call an account takeover, so the hacker was able to get teachers’ login information and from there they could access all the students’ information,” said Maya Levine, a security engineer with Check Point Software.

They say a student wanted to gain a competitive advantage in a game known as Senior Water Games, where students go around town shooting water guns at each other.

Ah, the classic “hack into the school server, to gain extra information in the water gun fight” trick. It’s a story as old as time. And during Cybersecurity Awareness Month, at that!

There are several things that I love about this story. I love that it starts off talking about a huge security breach and the mechanics of said breach.

I love that the teacher somehow managed to get their login information stolen, and used against them in a place that hits near and dear to their heart, the water gun fight. I would like to know which teacher it was that mishandled their login information so badly that this was able to happen in the first place. Do you suppose it was the old “hey give me your login info so that we can fix issues with the system” gambit? If so, they deserve to lose this water gun fight.

It’s incredible to me that they’re keeping top-secret, classified water gun fight information on the school server that is supposed to help kids with their post-high school plans. Shouldn’t this information be held off-shore somewhere, with guards watching at every possible second?

Who among us hasn’t been so desperate for an edge in the water gun fight that you wouldn’t hack into a school server to find whatever secrets you could to gain an edge? And further, what kind of secrets could these be?

“PSHHH. Big Math to English 101. We will take little Johnny out at the bus stop at 0800! PSSSHHH”


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