Skip Bayless Is Having A “Meltdown” Over The Cowboys Typical Season Follies

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Last night, in a not-so-shocking loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys move one step further in proving their perpetual ineptitude. In the 17-9 loss , the Cowboys were outsmarted by Doug Pederson at just about every turn, leaving them with a season record of 7-8 with one game to go. The Cowboys went from controlling their own destiny in making the playoffs to the strong possibility of missing entirely.

While this is sad (and to some, incredibly funny), the bigger concern is the ridiculous “meltdown” that Skip Bayless seems to be having on Twitter:

I mean, I’m not sure what Skip expected. This team stinks. But this is quite a “meltdown” for someone who has built his career on doing nothing but melting down for show on TV just about every day. So how could you possibly believe that this has any authenticity, whatsoever?

He started making excuses before the game even got started:

You’ve gotta love that he started building out the excuse train early on in the game, all to be able to “throw a fit” at the end.

Once again, Skip Bayless proves himself to be a non-scrupulous, hot-take artist who loves to cry and scream on Twitter. This isn’t shocking, as much as it is annoying.

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