Did Kraft-Heinz Disrespect Ben Baseball?

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Some of you may remember a few months back when I wrote a blog pertaining to the invention of Brunchables. Specifically, this was in April of 2019, nearly a year ago.

When I wrote this blog, all of Twitter was abuzz over the concept of “Brunchables”, a brunch version of the kid favorite, Lunchables. Everyone was freaking out at this revolutionary breakfast creation, and while skeptical, I had no reason to distrust in the Lunchable franchise. They’ve always treated me fine.

Curiosity did strike me however, so I signed one BenJammin E Baseball IV up for the free trial. To my knowledge, Ben Baseball never heard anything past that.

Fast forward to this morning when Ben Baseball puts the following picture in to our Slack chat:

It would appear that the good people over at Kraft-Heinz moved the product forward WITHOUT Ben L Baseball LXXXVII’s opinion. I mean, how could they? This guy at like 30 Oreos on camera for content. He literally sacrificed his life for content/delicious cookies, but they have the nerve to just throw a product on the shelves without checking? What a world.

Now, as everyone knows, I’m not one to dabble in conspiracy theories….but I’m under the impression that Ben Baseball has done something to anger the people in the C-Suites, and I, personally, would like to know more about it.

Perhaps we can get thoughts from BenCy Y Baseball XXXVII?

In the meantime, I’m going to go pick up one of those Brunchables and give them a whirl. More to report.

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