Sunday Catch: Cool Hand Bob Catches Wild Foul Ball

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“Calling it a job don’t make it right, boss”. I couldn’t agree more with Cool Hand Luke, and I’m certainly glad that this wisdom has been passed on to “Bob”.

This GIF resurfaces once every baseball season or so, and it truly blows me away every time I watch it. The ease in which Bob catches this ball, the humble “psh, just another day at the office” look on his face and the ease in which he pulls that ball down is eternally fascinating.

Here at Sensibly Loud, we are obviously preparing for baseball season. In fact, we have a countdown and everything:



  hours  minutes  seconds


Opening Day – 2020

The above GIF has me ready for baseball season. The Red Sox are going to be trash, and as mad as I am about it, I’m sure that everyone will love watching me twist and writhe in pain. And while I’m mentally prepared for a true bummer of a season for my team, I’m sure that I will pout the entire time.

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