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Everyone Thinks KD Is Going To The Knicks. Why?

Over the past few months, there has been a ton of talk about the impending free agency of Kevin Durant this summer. Durant is almost certainly going to leave the Warriors this summer, as that team will always belong to Steph Curry, despite the fact that Durant had a fantastic season, and a monstrous playoff

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Top 10 Mondays: Top 10 Game Shows

Before America’s obsession with reality shows, it was game shows. Quite frankly, those were better times for television. The competition was more balanced and the people were much more tolerable as they competed in various way without having to give 1-on-1 insight about their feelings on every situation. From the most challenging of game shows,

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Sensibly Loud Radio – YouTube Exclusive – Avengers End Game + Cinco de Mayo

**This episode is a YouTube exclusive! ** J-Mac and B-Eazy are back to talk Cinco de Mayo stories, the NHL playoffs, Tucker Max, and the new Avengers movie! J-Mac talks NBA playoffs and B-Eazy reviews a few movies that he’s watched over the weekend! All of this and more on the newest episode of SL

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Top 10 Mondays: Top 10 War Themed Movies of All Time

There have been thousands of films made about war and tragedies that go along with it. Why? Because it is an intense and emotional subject that always will put life into perspective through many different lenses. My love for these type of films derives from my intrigue in history and the stories that accompany it.

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Gronovo’s Corner: Trash Race

As I was glancing through headlines this morning, one in particular caught my eye: Apparently, a Canadian company sent all kinds of trash labeled as “recyclable” to the Philippines SIX YEARS AGO, and they’re still arguing about who should dispose of the trash. Canada says that the Philippines should do something with it, the

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