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On The Break – Episode 95 – Los Angeles Lakers Vs Miami Heat – 2020 Finals Edition

Kyle Beats and J-Mac are in the studio talking 2020 NBA Finals! Thats right, the Miami Heat will take on the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2020 NBA Finals and the guys are making predictions, discussing the season as a wrap, the Doc Rivers firing, the potential for coaching hires going forward and much more!

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OTB – Episode 88 – Reject Bubble + The Fate of the Rockets

J-Mac and Josh VG are back in the studio on a non-recording day since things around the office have been crazy this week! The guys discuss the NBA’s idea of a reject bubble, the current state of the preparation to resume basketball for 2020, and the chances for a lot of teams to make a

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OTB – Episode 87 – NBA In Orlando Officially + BLM + Societal Landscape

After a wild three weeks off, J-Mac and Josh VG are back, along with the NBA! That’s right! The hosts of your favorite basketball podcast has brought the NBA back for the remainder of the season! Well, maybe, anyway. The guys discuss the likelihood of basketball actually starting again, the current BLM movement and what

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