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Bonus: Episode 28 – Summer Movies + Weekend at Bernies

B-Eazy is out of the office so Mountain Karl stops by to guest host an episode of SL Radio+. J-Mac and Karl cover an array of topics including Lake Karl, John Candy movies, Weekend at Bernies, Rent-A-Kid, favorite fast food places and Richie Rich! All of this and more on this bonus episode of SL

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Sensibly Loud Radio – YouTube Exclusive – Avengers End Game + Cinco de Mayo

**This episode is a YouTube exclusive! ** J-Mac and B-Eazy are back to talk Cinco de Mayo stories, the NHL playoffs, Tucker Max, and the new Avengers movie! J-Mac talks NBA playoffs and B-Eazy reviews a few movies that he’s watched over the weekend! All of this and more on the newest episode of SL

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Episode 26 – Perpetual Greatness + Top Comedians

On this week’s episode of SL Radio, J-Mac and B-Eazy are in to talk catch up everything that has been going on at SLM. The guys chat about the debut of SLM’s newest show Perpetually Correct, then discuss the greatness of the latest sports happenings. Kyle Beats’ new blog giving his list of Top Stand Up

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Episode 25 – Top 10 Comedy Movies of All Time (feat. Kyle Beats)

On this week’s episode of SL Radio, Kyle Beats joins J-Mac and B-Eazy to rank their top 10 comedy movies of all time! There are some surprises along the way as the guys go through the lists and make the case as to why each movie should be top 10! Kyle Beats discusses nightmare traffic

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Episode 24 – Bill Murray and Danny Devito + College Stories + Woodstock 50

J-Mac and B-Eazy are LIVE in studio at SLM HQ discussing the greatness that is Danny Devito. The conversation shifts into Bill Murray, poultry science buildings and stories of the college days! Brandon gives his review on Green Book, then the guys talk about Woodstock 50 and music festivals. Click Below to Listen! Apple iTunes

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Episode 23 – Green Book + New Movie Trailers for Summer + SLM Chatter

J-Mac and B-Eazy are in the studio LIVE at SLM HQ to talk about all of the goings on around the office! Everyone is gearing up for March Madness, J-Mac blasts J.B. for an aggressive blog, B-Eazy talks about the Stars game and Mike Trout getting $430 million dollars, becoming the highest paid athlete ever.

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