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The Outfielder Podcast – Episode 99 – Ben Baseball Is Back! + Astros PR Blunders

Ben Baseball is BACK in the office! Ben Baseball has been out for a couple of weeks so he spends the time with J-Mac catching up on the Astros cheating scandal. J-Mac discusses superstitions, while Ben Baseball provides the PERFECT analogy for the entire cheating scandal. The guys discuss plans for Episode 100 and the

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The Outfielder Podcast – Episode 97 – Houston Astros Scandal Details + Player Reactions

Ben Baseball and The Great Sambino are out of the office this week, so J-Mac decided to solo the show himself! J-Mac breaks down the timeline for the Astros cheating scandal, the key differences in the Astros vs Red Sox situations, and the current stance of the league. J-Mac discusses an anonymous article detailing some

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The Outfielder Podcast – Episode 96 – Astros Cheating Scandal Punishment + MLB Suspensions

Major League Baseball has handed down some of the most serious punishment that it has levied in years, and J-Mac, as well as The Great Sambino are back at SLM HQ to analyze what happened, the punishment and whether it is fair or not. The guys discuss each person’s role in the scandal, what is

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