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Episode 43 – Denver Flashback – More Simpsons (feat. Ben Baseball & Jimmy Midtown)

B-Eazy and MtnKarl are out of the office this week, but we’ve got you covered! We’re taking a trip back in time to our Denver extravaganza and landing right in the living room of the posthumous Denver HQ! J-Mac and MtnKarl have done their top 10 ancillary characters of The Simpsons, but now it is

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Episode 40 – QuakeCon 2019/Gaming + Denver Talk + The Batman, Trailers and Movies

B-Eazy and MtnKarl are hosting this episode, as J-Mac will be out of office on a much deserved break. The guys talk about their visit to QuakeCon 2019, as well as their fond memories of gaming. More stories are brought front and center from the recent company trip to Denver. Talk on The Batman, latest

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Episode 77 – Denver Recap + Beckham Suspension + Player Nicknames

J-Mac, the Great Sambino and Ben Baseball are back from Denver, after quite the hectic weekend! The guys review the Rockies ballpark, discuss the ballparks with the best skyline views and air some grievances involving ballpark behavior! The guys also discuss the Tim Beckham suspension, the Mets success and the Tigers missing out on huge

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Episode 39 – LIVE IN DENVER!! + Horrific Travel Days

The SLM crew has officially arrived in Denver! J-Mac, MtnKarl, B-Eazy, the Great Sambino, Ben Baseball and Jimmy Midtown are discussing some of the barriers that some faced while trying to get to Denver! J-Mac missed a flight, MtnKarl sat next to a screaming baby and a rental car situation that annoyed everyone! Click Below

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Best Way to Start Off A Company Trip: Miss Your Flight

As many of you know by now, we at SLM are headed to Denver for the next 4 days for content. We will be recording nonstop content for The Outfielder Podcast and Sensibly Loud Radio, with everyone together, which rarely happens.  B-Eazy and I, as leaders of the company, decided to take the early flight

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Sensibly Loud Is Headed to Denver TOMORROW!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Since I started this company in 2016, we have discussed expanding content, and creating a richer, more fun experience for our readers and listeners. That is the goal, day in and day out. There is no finite ending or magical time where we will know that we are done. The goal is

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