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Episode 40 – QuakeCon 2019/Gaming + Denver Talk + The Batman, Trailers and Movies

B-Eazy and MtnKarl are hosting this episode, as J-Mac will be out of office on a much deserved break. The guys talk about their visit to QuakeCon 2019, as well as their fond memories of gaming. More stories are brought front and center from the recent company trip to Denver. Talk on The Batman, latest

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Episode 36 – Memorable 90’s Films + Yesterday Review + Disney VHS Conspiracies

The crew returns to catch up on the latest going on! J-Mac brings up memorable 90’s films he re-watched over the week, the guys look the latest in entertainment news (RIP Rip Torn) and B-Eazy gives his review on the new Danny Boyle film Yesterday! Disney cartoon film conspiracies, Lion King, Big Lebowski prequel talk

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Episode 23 – Green Book + New Movie Trailers for Summer + SLM Chatter

J-Mac and B-Eazy are in the studio LIVE at SLM HQ to talk about all of the goings on around the office! Everyone is gearing up for March Madness, J-Mac blasts J.B. for an aggressive blog, B-Eazy talks about the Stars game and Mike Trout getting $430 million dollars, becoming the highest paid athlete ever.

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