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Episode 75 – Back In Studio + The Batman Teaser Trailer Analysis & Thoughts

After a 3 month hiatus, Sensibly Loud Radio is back on air. B-Eazy is back in studio catching you up on the latest going on with the podcast, before diving into providing a deep frame-by-frame analysis of The Batman teaser trailer. Tune in to hear the most in-depth analysis from a Batman graphic novel and

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Episode 48 – Joker *SPOILER REVIEW* + New Trailers + Two New Matrix Films?

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING EPISODE CONTAINS A SPOILER REVIEW OF JOKER. THE REVIEW BEGINS AT 13:05 AND ENDS AT 42:51. IF YOU WANT TO AVOID SPOILERS, PLEASE SKIP TO 42:51 OF THIS EPISODE! B-Eazy and MtnKarl are back in studio to catching up the latest fun things that one does at the start of Fall. B-Eazy

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Episode 45 – Joker Wins Venice Film Festival + IT Chapter 2 Review + Bad Boys For Life Trailer

B-Eazy and MtnKarl provide insightful takes regarding a proposed Filmmaker Mode for TV. B-Eazy gives his non-spoiler review for IT Chapter 2. Reshoot talk for Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker and Birds of Prey. Rumor mill corner talk for the latest buzz of The Batman auditions, Joker wins Venice Film Festival Golden Lion award and

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