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Nick Foles Signs With The Jags, Instantly Happier

Signed and official.@NickFoles is a Jaguar. pic.twitter.com/tZ4YHcTVO9 — #DUUUVAL (@Jaguars) March 14, 2019 Good for Big Dick Nick. It’s still hard to believe how quickly he was kicked to the curb in Philly for their “QB of the future”, despite delivering the cities only Super Bowl ring. The Jags also parted ways with Blake Bortles

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Move Over Stephen A., Charlie Casserly Makes The Idiot Point Of The Day; Thinks Dez Played for the Cowboys Last Year

Monday has been a big day for NFL free agency. There have been deals made all over the place, mostly deals that die hard football fans care about. There aren’t many Antonio Brown type deals happening. When there is a big day in any sport, the talking heads at the four letter networks are always

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