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The Outfielder Podcast – Episode 119 – 2020 MLB Season Predictions + Marlins Scare (feat. Jimmy Midtown)

J-Mac, Ben Baseball, and The Great Sambino are joined by Jimmy Midtown to make 2020 MLB season predictions! These aren’t your usual predictions but the guys are making them nonetheless! J-Mac and Jimmy have a rough opening weekend for their teams, Ben Baseball and The Great Sambino are excited about the new Rangers ballpark and

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Episode 63 – Twins Hot Start + Whats Wrong With Philly? + Rangers Success

Ben Baseball is out of the office but J-Mac and the Great Sambino are here to prattle on about baseball! J-Mac pines over the Red Sox slow start to the season while the Great Sambino rides the Rangers wave of early success. J-Mac and the Great Sambino discuss the strange feel coming from the Phillies,

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