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The Outfielder Podcast – Episode 119 – 2020 MLB Season Predictions + Marlins Scare (feat. Jimmy Midtown)

J-Mac, Ben Baseball, and The Great Sambino are joined by Jimmy Midtown to make 2020 MLB season predictions! These aren’t your usual predictions but the guys are making them nonetheless! J-Mac and Jimmy have a rough opening weekend for their teams, Ben Baseball and The Great Sambino are excited about the new Rangers ballpark and

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The Outfielder Podcast – Episode 107 – Quarantine Hair Cuts + Red Sox Investigation Complete

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The Outfielder Podcast – Episode 98 – Red Sox Trade Mookie + Mets Sale Falls Through

J-Mac, the Great Sambino and Jimmy Midtown are live together in Colorado (again!) discussing the latest baseball news! The Red Sox trade Mookie Betts and David Price to the Dodgers for peanuts, the Mets are still under the thumb of the Wilpons and the Great Sambino looks forward to the coming season! Click Below to

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Episode 82 – Dombrowski Out As GM in Boston + Playoff Excitement

J-Mac and The Great Sambino are back to talk September baseball! The season has been long and we’re all ready for the playoffs. So much to be decided with so few games left! J-Mac reflects on the Dave Dombrowski era and the effects of a GM on a big league ball club! Click Below to

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Episode 79 – A’s Sign Harvey + Sale To The IL + Mets Success

J-Mac is back at SLM HQ to talk all things baseball with the Ben Baseball and The Great Sambino! The guys discuss the demise of the Red Sox season, the Yankees stellar performance, Josh Hamilton in the Rangers HoF, the Mets recent success, Jake Arrieta with an elbow injury and the entrance of a mercy

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Episode 74 – Red Sox Pitching Disaster + Robo-Umps + Colorado Preview

J-Mac, Ben Baseball and The Great Sambino are talking all things post-All Star Break! J-Mac is frustrated by the Red Sox lack of bullpen, which was never cut out to win in 2019. The Great Sambino puts age in its place, while also nominating a player to the POS corner. The guys talk robo-umps, and

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Episode 70 – Rivalry Week Split + Padres Lose Games + Trade Market

Ben Baseball is out of the office this week but J-Mac and the Great Sambino are holding things down! J-Mac and the Great Sambino are discussing the conclusion of Rivalry Week, the Padres recent success, Angel Hernandez single handedly making the case for artificial intelligence and real talk about the AL Central! The guys discuss

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Episode 68 – Giant Spiders + Mariners Making Moves + Astros Injuries

The Great Sambino is out but that won’t stop J-Mac and Ben Baseball from talking all things MLB! J-Mac grapples with a World Series hangover, while Ben Baseball discusses a harrowing spider incident in the office. J-Mac and Ben Baseball designate the POS of the week, as well as make some early trade deadline predictions!

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Episode 67 – Astros Are On Fire + RIP Bill Buckner + Fantasy Baseball Help

Ben Baseball, J-Mac and the Great Sambino are back to talk all things MLB! The guys discuss the Twins outlandish run differential, the Astros dominance, the Rangers surprising start, the Yankees health and much more! The long wait (1 episode) is over for the new theme music for the newest segment, Ben Baseball’s Blatherings! Click

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